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  • We had a group tour in the morning with Sigurjón Pétursson and we engaged him for a private tour for the balance of the day. He is very knowledgeable about the history of Iceland and the cultural changes that have taken place and is also a very good photographer. He took us to a number of sites that you would not see on a tour and suggested some great photo opportunities. We had our eleven year old grandson with us and he kept the interest of our grandson for the entire day. He is a very engaging person and we thoroughly enjoyed our day with him.    
  • Just spent 10 days with Sigurjon Petursson and his wife Thora Hronn Njalsdottir on an all-inclusive, 2-guest private photo tour of Iceland. One of the highlights of my life! Not only are Sigurjon and Thora Hronn delightful and helpful, their knowledge of Iceland is unsurpassed. They arranged for us to stay in just the right locations: comfortable and always good or excellent food. One night a bridge on the ring road was washed out, blocking our plans for the next morning. With only hours’ notice that we would have to backtrack, Sigurjion and Thora Hronn gracefully arranged a tour of some wonderful spots to photograph that we were not originally planning to see. We asked to see off-the-beaten-path places, rather than the standard fare for photography tours. Since they have camped, backpacked, snowmobiled, and ridden ATV’s all over the highlands, we got to see and photograph things that most people never hear of. On top of all that, they are two very fun people! I would highly recommend this tour for serious photographers.
    Barbara White
  • After spending 2 extraordinary weeks with Photo Tours in Iceland. I can highly recommend them for deep and moving experience in this captivating country. Not only seeing amazing sights off the beaten path but also learning all about Icelandic history and culture, geology, local birds, every waterfall, mountain and glacier. Their willingness to help get the most compelling photos is truly appreciated. Looking forward to returning for another tour. A class outfi!
  • We (with husband and sister) spent 2 days with Sig before joining a group. We are each at a different level photographically and Sig was helpful to each of us individually. We went to places we would not have found on our own, with Sig telling us about the history and culture of Iceland, enriching our visit. We brought home beautiful pictures and wonderful memories.
  • This past February I (and a friend) had the delightful good fortune to go on a personalized photo tour with Sigurjon and Thora Hronn on the south coast of Iceland. The photo opportunities are endless, and the guidance and company of our 2 hosts was invaluable. They are two absolutely delightful people with a seemingly limitless knowledge of the history, culture geology, and photographic opportunities of their native country. It should be mentioned that this tour would be best appreciated by more experienced landscape photographers, rather than a novice with a point and shoot camera. You will not be disappointed.  
  • An experience of a lifetime! Otherworldly landscapes - geologic wonders, birds, Icelandic horses, and peaceful beauty! AND with Sig, a top notch photographer and teacher of photography, geology, bird behavior, history and culture, as is his wife, Þóra Hrönn, it is unbeatable! We and our friends spent 2 wondrous weeks with them, absorbing the dynamic panorama of this spectacular island. As we experienced this treasure, we talked, laughed, and learned! What could be better! Miriam Tenne, California
    Miriam Tenne
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Aside from a private picturesque tour with a professional photographer as a guide we also teach you how to work your camera, compose your image  and last but not least how to post-process your images in Lightroom and other sofware.  

Top service

Besides standard tours on our website we also do custom made tours. We help you arrange for all your transports in Iceland, accommodation and restaurants. We even invite you to our home for a local home cooked dinner.

Private and Exclusive

Get a true Icelandic experience with a local guide and a professional photographer who knows the best spots. Don't get lost or cramped up in a bus. We arrive at the best time on location and stay there as long as you want.  

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